Our squishy products is manufactured with materials that meet the Safety Standards of SGS (Japan Standard), EN 71 (European Standard), ASTM (USStandard) and contain no toxic substances so it is safe.
For inquiries please contact us from “CONTACT” page. Please note that we cannot guarantee the safety of any counterfeit products.

Parents and guardians must read and follow the below guidelines.

1. This product is not a toy. It is miscellaneous goods.

2. Please do not give this product to children under 8 years old. If you give, parents should or must be at their side when playing.

3. This product is not food. Please do not put it in your mouth. There is a danger such as
suffocation. Please keep it out of reach of small children.

4. Flammable, please keep away from the fire source. It may cause a fire.

5. Small parts are included in separate sections. Please be careful so that your child will not accidentally swallow it.

6. Please do not wind the ball chain around your fingers. Your finger might be injure.

7. Please refrain putting this items in the bag. Products may stick to the bags, it may cause stains or damaging the product.

8. Please note that if the ball chain is pulled strongly, parts may come off and the main body may be damaged.

9. The product is manufactured in a special soft texture, as a feature of the product, it may contain wrinkles on the surface or looks black due to the tiny holes. Color may peel off, or if you grip strongly it may not completely restore to the original shape.

10. Due to the nature of the product, it may contain holes, air bubbles, cracked parting line, there are times when the color is washed out and black spot, blue spot are sometimes attached, but please understand that it is not a defective item. However, when it is on the face of the character, it may become a defective item so please consult the place you purchased.

11. If you grasp it strongly, the color may come off. Please treat the indentation part gently as it is easy to break. Dents from grasping the product will be restored and returns to its original condition. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

12. Please be aware that spots and discoloration may occur depending on where the product is placed.

13. Please understand that it is not a defective product. Although the printed part of the face may be darkened while grasping it.

14. At the time of opening, the smell of materials and paint might be strong, it may not have the original scent. Please do not sniff out the item out of the bag and place it for about 2 days in ventilated area before using.

15. The color of gold and silver may occur cracks, cuts, peeling as time passes. Depend on humidity and temperature. It is not a defective item.